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Breast Cancer Awareness

October 15, 2015 by Office Manager

With October being breast cancer awareness month, we want to share a story about one of our patients who was able to overcome her fight with cancer with the help of a few of our wonderful providers.

After losing her job, Elizabeth had difficulty getting a new one because of her various health problems. During that period of unemployment, a cancerous mass was detected in her breast, but she had no money and nowhere to turn. After a consultation at Mountainlands Family Health Center, she heard about Community Health Connect. With our help, Elizabeth was connected with Dr. Jennifer Tittensor and Utah Surgical Associates. Dr. Tittensor generously donated the needed consultations and subsequent surgeries to treat Elizabeth’s breast cancer. On a recommendation from Dr. Tittensor, Elizabeth was also able to meet with Mark Jensen, MD, who donated breast reconstructive surgery in the wake of her breast cancer treatment. Though Elizabeth never imagined she would develop breast cancer, through the help of Community Health Connect and our network of Volunteer Providers, she is well on her way to recovery.

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