[toggle title=”I’m a provider. What type of services and how many should I expect to provide as a volunteer?”]

You have the freedom to decide how many services and what of kind you are willing to donate. We will have an initial conversation with you to define what donation parameters best meet your needs. We will then provide pre-qualified patients that fit within those limits.

As a volunteer service provider, CHC will provide you with a dedicated Care Coordinator who will:

  • Schedule appointments with your office for pre-qualified patients
  • Coordinate services with labs and other providers as needed
  • Make appropriate patent referrals to outside social service agencies


[toggle title=”Will I have to go see patients at a separate clinic or hospital?”]

No, CHC will manage the referral process and set appointments for patients to be sent directly to your office. You can expect to see them and provide service just like you would to any other patient. Our concept of managed care is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to donate your time and services providing the maximum overall benefit to our patients.


[toggle title=”What are the eligibility requirements for CHC patients?”]

Community Health Connect screens all patients before they are referred to our provider network to receive care. We evaluate each patient individually and seek to provide care where it will make the most difference. At a minimum, all patients are screened and found to be:

  • Residents of Utah County
  • Living at 150% of the Federal Poverty Level or below


[toggle title=”Does CHC provide translation services for non-English speaking patients?”]

Yes, CHC has a dedicated team of volunteer translators available to provide there services when needed to ensure a superior patient/doctor interaction.


[toggle title=”I’m unable to serve as a volunteer, but would like to make a financial contribution. How will you utilize my donation?”]

Our mission is to improve access to quality health and dental care for low-income, uninsured individuals in Utah County.  We accomplish this goal through the coordination of a Volunteer Provider Network, providing health education, and by maximizing existing community resources. We seek to maximize every penny we receive, and have an amazing track record. On average, for every $1 donated, we are able to provide our underprivileged patients with $6 in specialized care! And, since we operate entirely within Utah County, all funds donated stay within the local community.