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Northwestern Mutual:

Northwestern Mutual is offering a free financial planning consultation to all doctors and dentists participating with Community Health Connect. Please keep reading for information on how a financial plan could benefit you. Click here to see an example of what Cade at Northwestern Mutual can do for you.

“A survey by the Certified Financial Planner Board found that almost all Americans believe it’s important to have a financial plan. And most (79%) say they do have a plan. But the truth is about half say their plan is only in their head, and another 11% say they just have some ideas.
According to the CFP Board, consumers with written financial plans are more positive about their financial future and feel less uncertain in tough economic times. They are also more likely to know if they are on track to meet their goals than those without a written plan.

Cade is offering to help those doctors volunteering with Community Health Connect write out their financial plans for free.

US Bank:

US Bank is offering discounted financing rates on commercial real estate for all Community Health Connect Volunteer Providers. Click here for more information.

US Bank is also offering discounted rates on equipment financing for all CHC Voluntee Providers. Click here for more information on this opportunity.