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Volunteer Providers

Whether you're a provider looking for a way to get involved and give back to your community or are just curious about the Volunteer Provider Network, take a look at these videos and find out what it means to partner with Community Health Connect.

Why do you partner with Community Health Connect and the Volunteer Provider Network?
How does Community Health Connect help you to manage your charitable care?
How are you able to balance your own patients with those who are sent to you from Community Health Connect?

Volunteer Provider Network

Over 250 Utah County doctors, dentists, hospitals, and labs join together to form our Volunteer Provider Network. Together they improve the health of our entire community by increasing access to needed health care for our low-income and uninsured neighbors.

Join the Community Health Connect Team

You can make an immediate difference right here in your own community when you donate your time, services, and expertise. If you are interested in learning more about getting involved with the Volunteer Provider Network, please contact us.

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